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Sprouts and Saplings

New Vision for Youth Programing


This year we are making big changes in our youth offerings with our new Youth coordinator, April Rain!

Children are the very heart of any Community. Like a fern unfurling in the spring, a child comes into being and begins to learn about and question the world around it. Opportunities for learning are so very critical at this time, as they help the child to understand their role, their place, their path, in this life. Our Sprouts (ages 5-12) and Saplings (ages 13-17) Tracks, as they have come to be called, combine games and active learning with free time and adventure.

For some of our time, we will be working together, while others we'll divide roughly by age to enjoy some age appropriate activities. We will also be completing a land improvement project that we hope parents will join in on. In addition to workshops for both groups led by presenters, we will have workshops for the Sprouts led by Saplings. Night time Youth Programming for this year will include a game night and a social night. Also back by popular demand:  our Kids Vend! event.

Our goal is to create a camp like environment that engages our youth in the herbal community while providing plenty of opportunity for them to have fun and forge new friendships. Below you will find a description of the activities. Please make sure to read through all of the information as some require signing up or other preparation before you arrive at camp.



Presenter Led: We will be offering workshops herbal workshops led by the presenters at the conference. This will include a workshop on herbs to help with menstruation and an herbs for young men workshop. These workshops will be available to the Sapling group.


Art: Jordan Adams will be joining us to lead art workshops for both groups.


Sapling Led: There will be two workshops led by Saplings for the Sprouts. If your child is interested in leading a workshop they will need to submit a proposal. Proposals should be for hands-on projects. The presenters must be comfortable and confident in leading these. Presentations and projects should be around 30 minutes. There will be an adult present to help facilitate but the presenter must be able to clearly explain and lead the project. Presenters should bring supplies for their project. They can be on any topic from tie-dye to no bake cookies to art projects. It is important to remember they will be leading the younger children in these projects, so they need to be age appropriate. Please submit proposals as soon as possible.  



Once again, we will be choosing a project that can be completed over the weekend. There will be several work sessions. We are hopeful that parents and other members of the community will participate in the project.   Past activities have included such projects as building, prepping, and planting various Herbal Education Gardens, and building a community composter.


Game Night: This will be a divided activity. The Sprouts will be playing both inside and outside games. The Saplings will have a variety of games to play. We will run both taboo/scategories and Betrayal on the House on the Hill/Risk type games in order to have options that appeal to everybody.  


Sprout Fire: There will be a campfire for the Sprouts during the Sapling Social.


Sapling Social and CosPlay:  On Saturday night there will be a social event with cosplay optional. Because of the location, costumes will have to be easy on and are completely optional. The theme will be steampunk but all costumes will be welcome. The event will include music for those that wish to dance, access to board games, and access to the Sprout campfire.



 Do your children make toys, jewelry, art, or other items they would like to sell? We will have a blanket vend near the adult vendors for an hour. We encourage prices of $5 or under but realize with some items that will not be possible. This will be a great opportunity to pick up a reminder of their time at Midwest Herb Fest. We encourage youth to take into account money spent, profit made, and then consider donating a small percentage of their profit back to the Midwest Herb Fest community. We want the youth to realize they are part of our community and even donating  $.25 to next year’s event will help facilitate that.


We will be preparing desserts for the potluck as a group. 

Registration Information for Parents and Guardians:

All people under the age of 18 need to be accompanied by a responsible adult to come to Midwest Herb Fest. If this person is not a parent or legal guardian, then they must have a signed, notarized letter of consent from the child's parent or legal guardian granting temporary guardianship and authorization of medical services in the case of an emergency. 

Everyone must complete a Registration Form to attend Midwest Herb Fest. After Registering, you will receive an email with a link to a Sprout and Sapling Information Form to be filled out online. This form is very important for our Leaders and volunteers to know a bit about your child's strengths and areas where they might need a little bit of assistance.  (This email with the link is not an automated one. It may not arrive in your email immediately after you Register; please look for it in your email in the days following your Registration.) 

Our Youth Programing is not daycare.  Parents and guardians remain responsible for the health and safety of their children at all times during the event. If your child is disruptive, unsafe, or cannot bear to be separated from you, they will be gently and respectfully returned to you and may be asked not to return to the Sprouts and Saplings area for a period of minutes or hours, up to the duration of the festival for severe cases.

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