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Laughing Lady Bug Botanicals


Our pure essential tinctures taste mild like an herbal tea. Concentrated and purified they conveniently pass through a fine, spill resistant, pump spray bottle. They are great when you're on the go. 

Our soothing massage and body oil is a combination of pure vegetable oils with herbal essential oils.

Our salves are prepared from fine herbs, oils, and organic bees' wax.

All of our products are prepared using Alchemy Astrology.


Ask us about our herbal workshops and classes for adults and children. For more information please visit:
Midwest Herb School 

Email Cricket & KC at: info@laughingladybug.com

Please send us a request for specific products 
that you want us to reserve for you at festival.


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Dawn Donati - Glass Art


I believe Art has a voice. What we tell ourselves matters!

Beautifully designed handcrafted fused glass boxes.
With meaningful symbolism, every single box begins with a story.
What will YOU add to the storyline?
Where You take the conversation next is the fun part!
Take a look at my store! Find what calls to you.
Let their stories inspire you, and their symbolism empower you.

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