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Workshop Spotlight: Sacred Intuitive Wild Harvesting

As medicine makers, connections to the natural world and its benefits are innate. Following the doctrine of signatures, tried and true ways, intuition; we carry knowledge wisdom and confidence in our medicine. It’s not always so when wild harvesting the plants. For many, the language of the plants can be sporadic, mixed and hard to decipher. We tend to fall to standards or schools of thought when it comes to harvesting. Though a good starting point, every plant is unique with its own story, ways to give and be used. When we tend nature’s garden, know the plants on a deeper level, connect with them and follow their lead, their medicine is better, the plants are healthier and you can leave nature better than you found her.

This workshop is suitable for Teens and Adults

Laurie Quesinberry

Steeped in the traditions of Appalachian wildcrafting, Laurie Quesinberry is a generational digger and mountain woman. With a deep connection to the plants, her journey began as a poacher and evolved into plant - and land - steward. With a unique perspective of at risk plants, Laurie is working to restore connections and breathe new life into wisdom’s of old; while preserving a path for the plants’ future.​

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Join us for the 13th annual

Midwest Herb Fest: Growing Strong!

August 2-4, 2019

Glastonbury Institute of Sustainable Living, near Culver, Indiana

Learn: History of folk medicine and modern use of medicinal plants,

alchemical spagyrics, tinctures, restorative yoga, and more

Explore: Herb walks, tree walks, herb, mushroom, and vegetable gardens

Entertainment: Live music, fire spinning

Open Events: Drumming, bonfires, auction fundraiser

Get Back to Nature: Primitive woods camping with hot showers and flushing toilets

Workshops and activities for adults, teens, and children

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