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Workshop Spotlight: An Ounce of Prevention

I often have clients messaging me in mid-January asking me what they can take to keep themselves from getting sick for the fourth time this winter? I answer that I can suggest acute care formulas that may lessen the severity and duration of symptoms, but that true prevention had to start months ago. They really hate that answer. Self-care isn’t a weekly herbal bath or even a daily infusion. Preventative self-care involves incorporating herbal preparations into a daily regimen that promotes long term wellness. It’s something we have to do daily so that we can occasionally cheat. It’s not something we can do occasionally when times allows. That’s difficult given our modern hectic lifestyles. In this class, we will talk about some foundational elements of a healthful herbal regimen and how to incorporate them into our busy days.

Stephany Hoffelt, BA, HAS

Stephany is an herbal educator and consultant in Iowa City, IA with a Bachelor's Degree in Health Arts and Sciences from Goddard College with a clinical focus on herbal therapeutics. She teaches herbal self-care in her community and is an associate academy educator with The Herbal Academy of New England. She has presented at the The Good Medicine Confluence, The Midwest Women’s Herbal Conference, The Midwest Herbfest, The AHG Symposium, and the Traditions in Western Herbalism Conference. She has written for several herbal publications including The Essential Herbal, Plant Healer Magazine, Natural Herbal Living Magazine and The Herbal Academy's Herbarium. Stephany maintains her own educational website at

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Join us for the 13th annual

Midwest Herb Fest: Growing Strong!

August 2-4, 2019

Glastonbury Institute of Sustainable Living, near Culver, Indiana

Learn: History of folk medicine and modern use of medicinal plants,

alchemical spagyrics, tinctures, restorative yoga, and more

Explore: Herb walks, tree walks, herb, mushroom, and vegetable gardens

Entertainment: Live music, fire spinning

Open Events: Drumming, bonfires, auction fundraiser

Get Back to Nature: Primitive woods camping with hot showers and flushing toilets

Workshops and activities for adults, teens, and children

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