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Registration Push for 2019!

It's that time of year again - time to get the word out and get people registered for Midwest Herb Fest in August! We're actually a little ahead of ourselves this year, with half our tickets sold and more confirmed people than ever before at this point in the year.

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Limited Attendance

Once again this year we are limited in the number of tickets we can offer, due to size constraints at the venue. We honor and respect the land, and don't want to overtax her ability to sustain a group as large as ours. So if you're planning on coming, head over to the Registration page of the website today and get started!

Do the Two Step to Register

Remember that Registration is a two step process: 1. Fill out the Registration Form on the Register page of the website, which gives us information about you, and 2. Go to the Shop page of the website to purchase your Admission ticket. Your registration will not be complete, and your spot not assured, until BOTH these steps have been completed.

We can't wait to see you all! Please, help us spread the word by sharing your experiences at Midwest Herb Fest with your friends! Link to Register #midwestherbfest #herbaleducation #herbalconference #medicinalherbalism

#herbconference #MidwestHerbFest #herbaleducation #medicinalherbs

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