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Workshop Spotlight: Natural Tooth Care by Barukh Schwadron

Our bodies are regenerative, especially our mouths. Come learn how to solve many tooth issues for free with natural health that truly works! We will cover toothsticks, reversing receding gums, herbal cavity treatment, rebuilding enamel and releasing oxytocin through toothcare. Yep, it's that good.

Barukh Brian Schwadron, RN, MSN, is a trained herbalist through apprenticeships across the globe. He holds certificates from the California School of Herbal Studies and the Evergreen School of Clinical Herbalism as well as Roots of Herbal Medicine (CSHS) Clinical Herbalism (ESHM). He is a Wilderness First Responder with extensive conventional medical training. In addition to his up-coming graduation in mid-August from an MSN program and currently working in a large ER in Chicago, Barukh also has life-long practice as a nutritionist and chef and 6 years of experience as a wilderness guide and mentor. Barukh’s lifelong passion for nature and spirit, his extensive training and practice with herbalism, foraging wild foods and nutrition, and his deep roots in Hebrew tradition, all contribute to his practice of honoring the indigenous in each of us.


Join us for the 12th annual

Midwest Herb Fest: Returning to Our Roots

August 3-5, 2018

Glastonbury Institute of Sustainable Living, near Culver, Indiana

Learn: History of folk medicine and modern use of medicinal plants,

alchemical spagyrics, tinctures, restorative yoga, and more

Explore: Herb walks, tree walks, herb, mushroom, and vegetable gardens

Entertainment: Live music, fire spinning, belly dance

Open Events: Drumming, bonfires, auction fundraiser

Get Back to Nature: Primitive woods camping with hot showers and flushing toilets

Workshops and activities for adults, teens, and children

Register today at