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Workshop Spotlight: Infectious Disease and Botanical Interventions: Learning from the Past by Stepha

Before the days of antibiotics, crafting effective herbal remedies to combat infectious disease was a matter of life-and-death. Recent research has confirmed the effectiveness of many of these formulas. This class will help attendees locate and understand historical formulas which can be duplicated modernly and used in clinical practice. We will discuss confusing terminology in archaic documents and stress the importance of closely approximating ingredients and preparation methods. I have experimented with making many old recipes I have found in old texts and I will bring samples and explain the process by using these examples.

Stephany is an herbal educator and consultant in Iowa City, IA with a Bachelor's Degree in Health Arts and Sciences from Goddard College. Her clinical focus is herbal therapeutics and she has been working with clients since the late nineties. She teaches herbal self-care classes at various venues in her community including is an associate academy educator with The Herbal Academy. Conferences she has presented at include the Midwest Women’s Herbal Conference, The Midwest Herb Fest, The AHG Symposium, Traditions in Western Herbalism Conference, and Good Medicine Confluence. The Essential Herbal, Plant Healer Magazine, Natural Herbal Living Magazine and The Herbal Academy's Herbarium have published her writing and she has maintained her own educational website at, since 2004.


Join us for the 12th annual

Midwest Herb Fest: Returning to Our Roots

August 3-5, 2018

Glastonbury Institute of Sustainable Living, near Culver, Indiana

Learn: History of folk medicine and modern use of medicinal plants,

alchemical spagyrics, tinctures, restorative yoga, and more

Explore: Herb walks, tree walks, herb, mushroom, and vegetable gardens

Entertainment: Live music, fire spinning, belly dance

Open Events: Drumming, bonfires, auction fundraiser

Get Back to Nature: Primitive woods camping with hot showers and flushing toilets

Workshops and activities for adults, teens, and children

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