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Workshop Spotlight: LABYRINTH MAKING by the KIDS & TEENS


The labyrinth is used as a tool for meditation across many paths. This year's Labyrinth is no exception. To really know this year's labyrinth, we have to look back a couple years. At Herb Fest 8, in 2014, the Labyrinth build team, from kids to adults, 'planted' seeds of stone into cups of water, with the intention of sending our love out to the Community and helping it grow. The pattern of that labyrinth was a classical circuit, representing the path we each come from and honoring all it has done for us. The Herb Fest 9 labyrinth, in 2015, was a 'seed' labyrinth. This refers to the way it is built, from a center cross and four 'seed' corners that send out runners to create the paths. It was the intention to continue growing and create space for Love and the Community. This year's labyrinth will bring that intention to bloom. It will be built on a center 'stem' that branches off into the paths, leading into the bright blossom of glowing paths, allowing you to walk a path of meditation. For some, meditation is slow and methodical. For others, it is full of dancing. Some meditations are loud declarations to the Universe. Others are silent prayers sent out into the night sky. Whatever your path, whatever your method of walking, the Labyrinth welcomes you. It is about finding what you're looking for, and for leaving things behind that you are finished with. Think of it as an energetic compost bin. If you are done with something, leave it, and the Universe will turn it into something rich, and deep; helping the next person who is lacking to find that boost they need. Then everyone can bloom in their own time. The Labyrinth is a glowing, active piece of my magical path, and it is my honor to share it with you.

Jackie Lakey

Jackie Lakey is a Certified Medical Assistant and Reiki Practitioner who is passionate about her family, yoga and all things Hufflepuff. She discovered magick and energy work in 2005 and has been moving forward enthusiastically, ever since. Jackie's interests are quite eclectic, and include kitchen witchery, herbal studies, holistic medicine, and energetic healing. Jackie is eager about helping others to find well-being in life, and looks forward to being able to contribute to community growth and celebration at the Midwest Herb Fest.

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To identify wild medicinal plants. Herbal uses, contemporary and historical

Herbal Medicine Making

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Live music - River Glen on the mainstage

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Labyrinth walk - facilitated by Jackie Lakey.

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