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Workshop Spotlight: MEDICINE MAKING


Making your own herbal medicines can be a cost effective way to bring herbalism from the theoretical to the practical in your own life. Handmade tinctures give the herbalist control over the ingredients, valuable for those with dietary allergies and intolerances, and the added potency that comes from infusing the energy and knowledge of the herbalist in their own medicine. This series of workshops will take the budding herbalist through the process of making herbal remedies for home use, from harvest to final product. Workshops will be a combination of lecture, demonstration and hands on participation, with finished products to bring home with you. Feel free to attend one or all; while information in later workshops will build on information given in previous workshops, the methods presented at each stage will stand on their own. Participants in the tincturing workshop will receive an updated Menstruum Chart compiled from the top sources in print and online, and the knowledge to use the chart to make effective tinctures comparable to the best commercial extracts available. This workshop series includes:

1. Harvesting, Garbling and Drying

2. Infusions, Decoctions and Syrups

3. Tinctures

4. Oils, Salves, and Lotions.

Gina M. Marcin,CNM, L.Ac., RH(AHG)

Gina is an advanced practice nurse (2013), certified nurse-midwife (2013), registered nurse (2011), licensed acupuncturist (2004), and professional herbalist (2002) specializing in women’s health, pregnancy, childbirth, and pain management. She has been studying Western botanical medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine since 1998, becoming a certified medicinal herbalist in 2003, and a registered professional medical herbalist with the American Herbalists’ Guild since 2006.

From 2002 to 2004, Gina was the Apothecary Director, as well as instructor for Medicine Making, Botanical Field Studies and Materia Medica classes at The Chicago College of Healing Arts. She has given a number of herbal and acupuncture lectures in Chicago and Indiana over the past 15 years, including topics such as Herbs for Mom & Baby, Herbal First Aid, Introductory Medicinal Plant Identification & Uses, Introductory Medicine Making, Acupressure for Labor and Delivery, Acupuncture and Women’s Health, Herbs and Essential Oils for Use in Pregnancy, Materia Medica - Herbs for the Midwife, Herbal Medicine and Pharmaceutical Medicine, Introduction to Traditional Chinese Medicine, and many more.

Gina has a small private acupuncture and herbal healing practice, works part time as a certified nurse midwife at Midwest Center for Women’s HealthCare, as well as at The Birth Center at PCC, the first free-standing birth center in the state of Illinois, and teaches classes to midwifery students at the Midwest Maternal Child Institute.

Nicole White, RN, BSN

Nicole began her healing path in a three year Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western Herbalism course of study at The Chicago College of Healing Arts that included Medicine Making training by Seanna Tully, L. Ac., Dipl. OM, MSTOM, RH(AHG) and Gina Marcin, CNM, L.Ac., RH(AHG). She then became a certified Massage Therapist and later became a Registered Nurse. Nicole's passion is truly Complementary Care, using what works with the fewest side effects and the best safety profile for the situation at hand, whether that is herbs, essential oils, or pharmaceutical or surgical intervention. Her profession as a Home Health Nurse allows her to employ every tool in her toolbox in turn, and she delights in educating both patients and doctors about herbal healing.

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