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Why Do People Come To Midwest Herb Fest?

There are so many interesting and engaging things you can do this summer. Why should you come to Midwest Herb Fest? Well, here's what last year's attendees said in our survey:

Midwest Herb Fest has all kinds. We have professional clinical herbalists, hobby herbalists, students, and teachers. Some people come for the community, the atmosphere, the entertainment, or to spend time with family and friends. What do people like best about Midwest Herb Fest?:

This was an illuminating and somewhat surprising response for us. We've always been proud of our workshops, but it turns out that people love the community and atmosphere at least as much!

At this point as we were reviewing the responses - we won't lie - there were real tears. The gratitude became overwhelming, and we cried, and laughed, and hugged a lot. Our wonderful attendees reminded us of why we started doing this. We started doing this to bring people together. We started doing this so that we could come together, a temporary community, and learn and teach and work together and enjoy each other's company. We are so grateful that we have succeeded in this, and decided to redouble our efforts. But this...this is the best summary response of all, and one that made us breathless with thankfulness:

What can we say but thank you? Thank you to all of you who inspire us, who make us want to work to organize what we think is the best little herbal conference in the Midwest.

And truly, if you haven't joined us yet, please do. You can click here to register. Because, should be having this much fun!