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Welcome to Our New Website!

So many big changes have been in the works, most of them behind the scenes hidden out of sight. But this one is gloriously, spectacularly visible: we've got a new website! Nicole White, KC Wilkerson, and Dave White have been working tirelessly (that's a lie, I'm totally exhausted! - Nicole) to bring you a new and improved website that is hopefully easier to read and to navigate. We've integrated Registration to Midwest Herb Fest onto our site, so that with just a few clicks, you can fill out a Registration Form (under the Registration page) and "shop" for your admission (under the Shop page), with Paypal checkout that takes either your Paypal login OR a credit card with no Paypal account. We've added a Donation button to the bottom of the Shop page and the Herbal Education Inc. page. Since now we're a registered and approved 501(c)3 not-for-profit, all donations are tax deductible! Clicking on the Donation button will take you directly to the Paypal Donation site, so you can print and save that receipt for your taxes, separate from any Registrations you may be processing on the same day. We have so many ideas for how to improve not only the event itself, but also people's access to it, including setting up a scholarship fund, so that no one who wants to come to Midwest Herb Fest will be kept away for lack of funds. But most of those ideas take money. We're rich in many things - knowledge, community, love - but not in money. So any help we can get will be gratefully and lovingly appreciated. With information on our Presenters, Vendors, Venue, Community (here you'll find pictures of past events - we're still working on loading the older ones), and Silver Leaf Cafe, as well as our Blog (which you've found, because you're reading it!) - we hope that our new website will give you everything you need to know about Midwest Herb Fest and Herbal Education Inc. Of course we're still maintaining our active Midwest Herb Fest Facebook Group, so come join us over there for chat and questions and answers. Thank you to everyone for your patience and support during this time of transition. We think it's been worth it!

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