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WE GOT OUR 501(c)3 APPROVAL!!!!!

Seven people in silhouette leaping for joy

It's officially official! Herbal Education Inc. (aka Teri Owens, Hetty MacDowell, Gina Marcin, and Nicole White) is an IRS recognized 501(c)3 not-for-profit as an Educational group!

So many big hugs and gratitude for my Sisters letting me ride this ride with them, and to Dave White for all the paperwork help. This is so awesome. <3

And...coming soon, our entirely revamped website! Look for that in the next week or two, with the official opening of Registration for Midwest Herbfest 2017!

So much adulting lately...

#notforprofit #nonprofit #incorporation #herbaleducation #MidwestHerbFest #HerbalEducationInc

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