“Family Friendly”

"Family Friendly" In our many decades of attending and organizing festivals, there’s not a more frustrating phrase on the brochure. What does that mean? Usually, it means kids are allowed, tolerated at best. Once in awhile it means there’s a playground on the site.

“I really want to come to Midwest Herb Fest, but I’m afraid my kids will be bored!”

When we started Midwest Herb Fest 10 years ago, most of the organizers had children, in a wide range of ages. Part of our intent from the start has been to create a TRULY family friendly festival. Some of our workshops and activities are suitable for all ages (like our Butterfly Workshop) and some were created specifically for the children (like our Kid’s Auction). Each year, the children are an integral part of the Labyrinth building and creating Rangoli for the main fire. Our “Sprouts,” as we’ve come to call them, are valued, involved members of our community.

“Vacationing with kids can be a real challenge sometimes. The older ones want to do one thing, the middle sized ones another, and the youngest rushes in to do All The Things, whether they can or not.”

Workshops are designed with a range of ages in mind, so, even the littlest ones can take their turn with such things as learning about compost, or mixing up an individual blend of bug spray. Other workshops for the younger ones have included t-shirt tie-dying, face painting, nature crafts, and making one’s own worm composter.

Yes, we have a playground for free play. It’s pretty awesome. We have a small creek for exploring and catching crayfish and frogs, and walking paths that are just challenging enough for little legs. The Children’s Education Garden in front of the Main Stage is now home to over 20 different clearly labeled medicinal plants, so that one can take a self-guided learning tour. This garden was begun almost a decade ago, as a workshop, for and by children attending Midwest Herb Fest. In various workshops over the years, kids of all ages have made fairy houses, seed balls and painted rocks to help decorate their ever-growing garden.

For safety’s sake, parents must keep their child near them at all times, except when that child is signed in to a workshop, but there is plenty of family level fun for all ages, at The Midwest Herb Fest. It really is, we promise, “Family Friendly.” This year, the Midwest Herb Fest will be held from Thursday, August 4th through Sunday, August 7th, 2016. Intensives and camp set-up start on Thursday, with free camping available on Wednesday night, for those attending the Midwest Herb Fest. Day passes are also available for this great event! You can learn more at http://www.midwestherbfest.com. See you there!

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