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Once Upon A Time, The Desire to Learn Spawns A Community

Once upon a time, a young mother, new to the Plant People and eager to partake of this Journey, went to a Magickal Event in Norway, Iowa. She had heard, from a neighbor, that a group of seasoned Herbalists, Healers, Shamans, Weed Walkers, Teachers and Educators hosted a yearly learning weekend. It was family oriented, so she was able to bring her Little Ones. There were many styles of workshops, so she was able to bring her Partner. There was a meal plan included, so the Young Mother was able to camp with ease. There was shopping, music, a band and more, so she was able to enjoy a vacation with her family. And there was an incredible line-up of knowledgeable presenters, so she was able to explore much of this new world, in one place, and choose the Path of the Plant People that spoke best to her. This Magickal Event continued for many years, and became a kind of annual check-in for the young mother, while she continued to grow and journey on her Path. However, as often happens, Life got in the way, and the event concluded at the close of 2005. The Many that produced such beautiful Community, each went their separate ways as new projects called to them. But…the young mother felt a lack. A hole in the Midwest where this event had been. So, in 2006, when asked about such events and whether or not she and her Partner would be interested in bringing this Magick back to life, she eagerly said yes, knowing that, even though helping to organize and run an event would be a learning challenge, she already had memories of the best of the best from which to draw. And so she did. And the Magickal Event came to new life in French Lick, IN. Over the next 9 years, the now not-so-young mother, along with a Merry Band of Cohorts and, eventually, her newly grown children, took joy in keeping the Light of the Plant People alive in the Midwest. 2016 will mark the 10th Anniversary of the Midwest Herb Fest, our continuation of the Spirit of the original Herb Fest hosted by Frontier Herbs in Norway, IA. An event which once meant much to many. In light of that, I call to you, professional members of the American Herbalists Guild, the Botanical Society of America and United Plant Savers, to Those who planned, ran, taught at and attended that first event, thus opening the way for those of us who come behind you. You are our Light on the Path. You have much to share that does not always reach in to the center of this great continent. Won’t you consider coming home to Herb Fest and bringing your Light with you, for a new generation of Herbal Learners? To date we have hosted at least one professional member of the AHG each year that we have been in existence excepting the first year. Please contact me if you are interested in being part of this Event. We look to you for our next steps on this Journey. Please bring you words, your wisdom, your learning, Home to us.

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