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Forty Foot Flames in concert on Saturday night!

Benefit Auction, Bonfire, Drummers, Dancers, Singers, Firespinners and More!

Gina Marcin, MWHF instructor and member of Fire Tribe, dancing with fire fans to live music by the "Keshvar Project", during the Midwest Herb Fest 4, 2010

KC Wilkerson, MWHF instructor and member of Fire Tribe, dancing with a fire dart to live music by the "Keshvar Project", during the Midwest Herb Fest 4, 2010

Forty Foot Flames


Join Forty Foot Flames, a toe-tapping Indie band hailing from Chicago, for an evening of original songs and classic covers. 

Fire Tribe - Bonfires, Fire Spinning, Laughter, and Love

If you're wondering why Fire Tribe is listed under Entertainment, you've obviously never watched this crew of creatives build or tend a fire. 

From "woodbusting" to "grooming" to long nights of "tending," this group has trained and worked together for years to earn their "straps" or "red suspenders". Many of them also spin fire with a variety of fire toys, including poi (fire chains), fans, darts, devil sticks, and staves...if you're lucky, you may even see a firewhip or diablo!

After dark, the bonfire becomes the focal point of the community, a place where drummers, dancers, singers, and storytellers gather. Fire Tribe keeps the light glowing and the circle safe.

Even a statewide burn ban because of an unusually dry season couldn't stop Fire Tribe. This lovely "water fire" with tinkling fountains and mesmerizing glass art setting off a small propane blaze was safely contained in a pool of water.

Forty Foot Flames - Keep It Rollin'

Dave's Big Shoes

Memorial Auction

Our beloved Auctionator, Dave White, passed on to his next adventures in October of 2018. While this loss is a blow to his family and community at Midwest Herb Fest, his most notable absence is bound to be at our annual benefit auction, which he lead with humor and skill for 9 years. 

For this first year without Dave, please join us to remember this amazing man and his contributions to fundraising for herbal education in the midwest. The four organizers of Midwest Herb Fest, fortified with some liquid courage, will attempt to do justice to Dave's memory, with no auction skills or training at all. If nothing else, it should be amusing!

Bring your open hearts and your open wallets! Cash, credit, and debit cards are accepted. 

Auction donations may be brought to the Registration desk. Please have them there before noon on Saturday so they can be catalogued. Some items may be grouped with other donations into lots. 

Dave White
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