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As a 501(c)3 not-for-profit, we are dedicated to helping as many people as possible join us for Midwest Herb Fest. We know that financial constraints are a real obstacle to education in the healing arts, and are working hard to promote equity and justice in medicinal herbalism by overcoming financial barriers. Barters and Scholarships are two ways we envision aiding in these efforts.


Our 2020 event has been cancelled due to Covid-19
What we give you:
  • Your weekend admission

  • A way to FEEL GOOD for helping the Midwest Herb Fest

  • Early entry on Thursday (optional)

  • An extra night of free camping on Sunday (optional)

What you give us:

  • Twelve hours during fest, pre or post fest (Many crew members give lots more hours than required); we appreciate this immensely!

  • Your commitment to support your crew & be present when scheduled

Each Barter position calls for 12 hours of work in exchange for Free Admission 

This work can be done:

  • During the event

  • Setting up and/or cleaning up just before and after the event

  • Preparing the land in the months before the event

Volunteer Crews Include:

  • Registration - Help to check people in on their arrival, coordinate parking and camping with Safety, welcome people and answer questions about the campground and festival. We need some cheerful and patient people who are comfortable with electronic check-in using Google Spreadsheets. Money handling and changemaking skills are important.

  • Land Stewards - Land Stewards are the production assistants of the event. In charge of everything from extension cords and refilling water coolers to moving that pavilion six inches to the left... Do you have a strong body and an eye for detail? Then we want you as a Land Steward! 

  • Safety - Our Safety Crew is responsible for keeping our people and grounds safe. Safety team members assist arriving campers in bringing their camping gear to the camp areas and finding suitable camping sites that do not harm the local flora and fauna. Safety will also aid in bringing any security concerns to the attention of the event runners. People on this crew must be able to lift 25 pounds.

  • Cleaning Fairies - The cleaning fairies and their magic wands keep the bathrooms, porta-potties, and workshop spaces spic-and-span.

  • Lightening Bugs - The Lightning Bugs light, place, and clean up luminaries, tiki torches, solar lights, glow sticks and more, all to make the grounds shine.

  • Sprouts and Saplings Assistants- Teachers, caregivers, and children at heart, this is the crew for you! Help to supervise and assist our Saplings and Sprouts with workshops, activities, parties, and more!

  • Silver Leaf Cafe - Do you have food prep or restaurant experience? Or do you love washing dishes? Join the crew of Silver Leaf Cafe and get first crack at all that tasty food! People are needed for food prep, food service, running our dishwashing station, and washing the kitchen's dishes after meals. The chef's approval is necessary for this crew.

  • Media Team (Photography, Videography) - Handy with film and video? Join our media team in capturing the beauty and brains of Midwest Herb Fest in action.

  • Pre-Fest Crew - Are you available on Thursday? Come get your hours in before the event and you needn't miss a thing! Pre-fest crew works before the festival to erect tents and pavilions, lay out tables and chairs, hang signs, sweep workshop spaces and generally get things ready.

  • Post-Fest Crew - Are you available to stay and work Sunday night and into Monday? Post-Fest Crew is responsible for tearing down tents and pavilions, stacking chairs and tables, and generally undoing and cleaning up so that we leave no trace.


We are currently building a Scholarship Fund, in order to grant Scholarships to Midwest Herb Fest for those with financial need who are unable to fulfill a Barter agreement. While we currently do not have any Scholarships available for this year, we are soliciting donations for our Scholarship Fund, and if enough donations are received before the event, we will post a Scholarship Application in this area of the website. 

Would you like to donate to our Scholarship Fund?
'Cause we'd like you to donate. 

Now that Herbal Education, Inc. is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit,
any donations are tax-deductible! 
Donate today! It's good for the soul. 
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